realme Pad Review

realme Pad Review

Tablets are having a resurgence that we have talked about occasionally, and brands do not want to miss the opportunity. One of those that has brought a new proposal in this area to Spain is realme, which with the realme Pad, offers a device that is not as powerful as Xiaomi’s bet but not as expensive either.

Great for light gaming and multimedia consumption

Realme has boasted of the processor used in this tablet, the Helio P80. It’s not a wrong chipset, but it’s not designed to run demanding games. Not for nothing is it a mid-range processor. The 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory of the model we tested seem sufficient for this type of device, and when using apps or games, we confirm it.

We have tried titles like Honkai Impact Third, but the feeling is not as good as we would like. Yes, it can be used, but sometimes, we have returned to mobile because the fluidity was inadequate.

That yes, in other titles like Call Of Duty Mobile, we have enjoyed much more because it is a slower game that takes much advantage of the screen.

The inclusion of the headphone jack is appreciated, even if it is in a place as peculiar as a corner of the sides. The model we tested also has 4G, which can sometimes be very attractive.

However, the 4-speaker sound system is the best, two on each smaller side. The sound is clean and loud, although, in the first 50%, it seems it will be low in volume. When we go up from there, we see that it is not like that, although it sometimes deceives.

We have not worked with this tablet because it is not a device intended for it, although with some peripherals, it could get us out of trouble, especially when we are on the move and have something similar to a laptop.

A mid-range screen, quite good

The realme Pad is committed to an LCD panel with FHD + resolution, with relatively good colors for not being an OLED. It does not have a screen comparable to that of high-end tablets, but for its price, it is more than decent.

In addition, we can use gestures to control applications and modify some functions such as interface tones to rest our eyes if we read for a long time.

Of course, there is something strange in the behavior of the tablet with YouTube. When we open the application and play a video, it automatically appears in 720p resolution. It is possible to manually change it to 1080p to squeeze the panel, which, as we have said, has FHD + resolution. But the right thing would be that, by default, it would appear at that resolution whenever the video is in it.

Two cameras, enough

As mentioned before, the realme Pad has two 8 Mpx cameras. Both behave well with light and are enough to make video calls or an occasional photograph.

Of course, in low light, the quality and detail go down something understandable since there is no night mode, HDR, or advanced stabilization system. To be a tablet, this section complies, honestly.

A high-level design

One of the most striking things about this tablet is its design. Being an inexpensive tablet, we could expect too large frames or plastic materials: neither one nor the other.

The realme Pad uses an industrial design with straight edges, contained frames, and aluminum back that gives a nice quality feel. In addition, it misses fingerprints, something that is always appreciated.

We have a USB C charger, a headphone jack on one of the smaller sides, and two of the four speakers. On the other side, we have two others.

The power button is in a corner, next to the volume buttons, and they work well, although a fingerprint sensor is missing in the first one. Yes, we have face unlock, but it would still have been an excellent addition.

As for the cameras, we have one in front and one behind, with 8 Mpx and acceptable behavior for what a tablet is. We’re not going to take pictures with her on the street, are we?

The interface is quite minimalist

Realme has named the interface of this tablet realme UI for Pad. The reality is that we don’t have many features available on mobile, but that’s understandable.

We say it because its processor is not the best to execute demanding functions, so the brand has decided, with excellent criteria, to lighten the interface as much as possible.

Thus, we have an interface based on Android 11 with few additions, ideal for fluid use on a day-to-day basis, with some added minor functions, such as facial unlocking, something that we appreciate.