Sights of Greece

Sights of Greece

Millions of tourists plan to travel to Greece annually for various reasons. Reasons such as learning about its historical and artistic past for being a unique cultural centre, enjoying its dream beaches, or simply looking for havens of peace and tranquillity are usually the main ones. There are many tourist places in Greece to enjoy.

Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization for the basic concepts of democracy and the origin of art in general. Thousands of years old will come to life before your eyes in almost every place you visit, and Greek Mythology will take on new meaning for you.

Greece has a unique culture and history in the world, which mixes Western Europe with the original customs of the Middle East. You can see how incomparable its “Mediterranean cuisine” is, the healthiest for your health, and you can even dance in the style of the movie Zorba el Griego. Not to mention its beaches, which will take your breath away when you see so much beauty together, as in Santorini.

If you decide to travel to Greece, it will be better to do it between April and September. Depending on where you come from, you have several forms of transfer, such as by plane or boat; You can even go to Greece from London in just 48 hours by train. Don’t think about it anymore, and your best vacations await you there.


A route of the tourist places of Greece should always begin with its capital, Athens.

The beauty of Athens begins in its name. It was born more than 3,000 years ago, thanks to the maritime trade that reached the port of Piraeus. Here democracy was born, and the ideas and thoughts of its philosophers, writers, mathematicians, politicians and historians, marked the future of Greece, Rome and Western culture in general.

In Athens are the most important architectural monuments to see in Greece. The Parthenon stands imposingly on the Acropolis, from where, along with other temples and buildings, it dominates the Greek capital. Other emblematic places where you can learn about the art and history of the city are the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, Mount Lycabettus, the Acropolis museum and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

To feel the city’s pulse, roam through the neighbourhoods of Plaka, Monastiraki, Anafiótika or the Central Market of Athens. Despite the harshness with which the economic crisis has been felt in Greece, Athenians still have a tremendous Mediterranean spirit and try to make the best of life.


Although there are many islands to visit in Greece, the best known of all are those that make up the Santorini archipelago.

The white facades – and blue lintels and doors – of the houses of the villages that overlook cliffs that die in the sea appear on any postcard of tourist places in Greece.

You can tour the islands that makeup Santorini by boat. The most romantic village is Oia, although most arrive on the ferry to Fira. Book a boat excursion and take a dip in very different beaches. You can also rent a car or motorcycle and visit archaeological sites like Akrotiri and ancient Thira.

Santorini is considered one of the most romantic places globally, so don’t miss its legendary sunsets.


Another of the islands to see in Greece is Naxos.

Naxos is the most extensive and most fertile of the Cyclades islands that lie in the Aegean. The rain is generous in the area and allows the island’s population to make a living from harvesting fruits and vegetables, also relying on livestock and tourism.

As is usual in Greece, in Naxos you can find several archaeological sites – including an old Venetian fortress – and beautiful beaches. Two of the worthwhile ones are very close to the capital: Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios. The latter is perfect for lovers of nudism.

The best way to get around Naxos is by bike, quad or buggy.


The largest island in the Dodecanese is located just 18 km off the Turkish coast and has a great legacy of myths and legends and some of the most famous beaches to visit in Greece.

In Rhodes, the myth says that Helios fathered eight children with the nymph Rodo, daughter of Poseidon. From here comes the island’s name and its more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

The capital of the island – also called Rhodes – has the Medieval City, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Archaeological and Byzantine museums are the most visited.

Lindos, 47 km southeast of Rhodes, is reputed to be the most beautiful to see in Greece. If you are more into basking in the sun in front of crystal clear waters, visit the beaches of Elli, Kalithea, Ladikó or Faliraki.


If partying is one of the things you want to do in Greece, you cannot miss the island of Mykonos.

In summer, Mykonos becomes the Ibiza of Greece. Electronic music takes over the many bars and clubs of the s beaches, and tens of thousands of young people give it their all until dawn.

However, the rest of the year, Mykonos is a quiet place, with just over 10,000 inhabitants who live a routine life in the whitewashed streets of Chora, it is capital. Most of the island’s beaches are nudist, highlighting Paranga, Paradise, Panormos or Platis Gialos.