All About Vivo Y70

All About Vivo Y70

Chinese mobile phone brands are conquering the world market. Xiaomi has positioned itself as the third manufacturer that sells the most mobile phones on the planet, behind Samsung and Huawei, and has overtaken Apple for the first time, according to data from the consulting firm Gartner for the third quarter of 2020. In Europe, they are also winning land. The blow suffered by Huawei by the United States veto has encouraged other rival companies to embark on the European conquest, such as Realme and, more recently, in October 2020, Vivo. This firm belongs to the giant BBK Electronics, like OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme.

Vivo has landed in Europe with the high-end device Vivo X51 5G and the mid-range Y series, made up of three models: Vivo Y11s (yes, it reminded me of the damn 11S, too), Vivo Y20s and Vivo Y70, the more advanced. It is a device with an affordable price, one that will not go down in history for its outstanding qualities, like so many other rivals in the competitive mid-range, but that makes it very clear that it is not necessary to spend a month’s salary on the phone. To get a good experience.


The phone is committed to three lenses, a primary 48-megapixel lens, a 2-megapixel depth lens for portrait mode, and the third also 2-megapixel for macro photography. The one for selfies is 16 megapixels. Generally, the primary and depth sensors take good photos in favorable lighting conditions. In portrait mode, once you learn to adjust the degree of blur (it costs a bit), the bokeh effect tool allows you to give it more or less intensity, and at maximum, it is very forced. The macro lens can cost focus and force you to separate more than desirable to take the photo.

In night mode, you will have to shoot the flash in the dark. The same does not happen with selfies: activating this option without light opens a tool that illuminates the face, and you can take the photo without problems even if you do not get the best sharpness. It is an option you do not find in other phones and gives excellent results.

If you are one of those who liven up photos with fun augmented reality stickers, the Vivo Y70 camera has a specific function for this purpose, along with the classic time-lapse, panoramic… and adds an unusual one to capture documents that frame the paper automatically.

Performance and battery

As a mid-range that it is, this Vivo phone incorporates a Snapdragon 665 processor, which is the least advanced of this Qualcomm series, and this will be more than enough for an average user, perhaps not so much if you want to get the most out of games. The phone is available in a single configuration: 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, specs you’ll see on some high-end phones, so no objections, just the opposite. For a classic use of social networks, WhatsApp, email, and reading Digital Trends in Spanish is enough for you. It further proves that it is unnecessary to spend a kidney on the phone to satisfy everyday needs.

When it comes to autonomy, you can expect it to give you at least one intensive day: with the use of watching video four hours a day, surfing the web, and taking photos, it has lasted two full days (without turning it off at night). Of course, it is perfect for its price, without being one of the best. It has a capacity of 4,100 mAh.

Its fast charge (33 W) surprises when the battery runs out. He fills it halfway in just 25 minutes and completes it in under an hour. Undoubtedly, it stands out in this section to which I give more importance than others because of how much it makes life easier.

Design and display

Glossy mirror-effect finishes are still on the rise. Vivo Y70 has a gray back that changes to dark or light depending on the incidence of light (the brand calls this tone gravity black). This aspect is already seen on mobile, too much for my taste. And this does not mean that it does not give the phone an attractive appearance. And as usual, the fingerprints are marked (and it costs more than expected to remove them). Luckily, a transparent gel case is included that avoids constantly cleaning it (and in the box, it also provides headphones or wired headphones).

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With dimensions of 161 × 74.08 × 7.83 millimeters and a weight of 171 grams, this is a thin and relatively light phone, very manageable in hand. Its shapes are reminiscent of the Huawei P30 series, although without the curved screen on the sides. Like most mobiles, it incorporates the power and volume buttons on the right. And if you are a fan of the headphone jack (3.5 mm mini jack), this model does. The only thing that distinguishes the Vivo Y70 from others is the elongated rectangular module of the triple camera.

The screen measures 6.44 inches and has FHD + resolution (2,160 × 1,080) and AMOLED technology, increasing contrast and giving the most attractive color vividness. For this reason and because they spend less than IPS panels, we see more and more screens of this type. The only “intruder” you will find on the front is the selfie camera that occupies the center as a drop.