how to invest money ?

Having the money standing in the bank does not make any sense, but sometimes it is not so easy to find profitable and safe investments at the same time.

It all depends on your risk profile as an investor and also on your investment term.

It is not the same to want to invest money that you will not need until the day of your retirement to invest money you need in a year.

Depending on your situation, you will be interested in investing your money in one way or another.

Paid accounts or savings account

These are the next step to checking accounts.

They are very similar, but they offer some interest in having the money there.

It’s not a big deal, but at least you’ll be able to match inflation.

This type of account is helpful to have money that you will need shortly, nothing more.

For example, I have account, which is reimbursed at 1% to € 15,000.

Fixed rent

invest money fixed income

Investing in fixed income consists of buying debt, either from companies or from the state.

The best-known form of this type of fixed-term investment is government bonds, products that offer a particular interest with a risk of practically 0.

Here you can see the advantages and disadvantages of investing in fixed income.

Some people come this far and nothing else, getting a shallow interest for their money.

It’s better than doing nothing, but it can be even better.

In fixed income, you should only invest money you will need in the short term because you will not get much more than equalize inflation.

Pension plans

A well-known and widely used investment vehicle is the famous pension plan.

There are pension plans of many types; Fixed income, variable income, guaranteed, insured …

In my opinion, they do not usually compensate since their taxation is evil.

Anyway, I have opened an indexed pension plan precisely because I plan to stop working at 45 or earlier.

A pension plan will only compensate you if you make a lot of money or intend to retire soon.


invest money in real estate

A fairly common option to invest money in is real estate.

I do not mean buying and selling real estate in the short term, but buying real estate to rent and collect periodic rent.

The idea of ​​collecting periodic rents and generating passive income is very successful, although I do not consider that real estate is the best way to achieve it.

I tell you why in this article.


Without a doubt, my preferred form of investment.

I believe that investing money in the stock market is the best alternative for almost any investor.

The advantages of the bag are many, and it is one of the main themes of this website.

When it comes to investing money in the stock market, the options are also immense.

You can invest in the short term or the long term; you can invest in company stocks or an investment fund; you can be a passive or active investor and many other variants.

As I do not want to repeat myself, here is a complete guide on investing in the stock market, in which I explain in detail why I recommend, without a doubt, investing your money in the stock market in the long term.

How much money should you invest?

As I said above, all investments have risks, some more than others; there is even the risk of losing everything.

Therefore, you should only invest the extra money you have saved and can afford to lose without affecting your life. In other words, my advice is that you only invest the money that you have leftover after covering your basic needs in the future.

Should you invest all your money in one place?

I recommend creating a diversified investment portfolio.

That is to say; you allocate different amounts to different options because you reduce the risk of losses. If an investment fails, you have others that can give you returns.

I recommend you read these ten fundamental rules to invest money successfully
The 17 best options where to invest money

Below you will find a list that I have prepared with the best options where to invest money.

Investment funds

Investment funds consist of pooling investors’ funds in different assets, which can be stocks, bonds, etc…

The management of this investment is carried out by a professional.

There are different investment funds that we can access, according to our profile as investors (conservative, moderate, risky) and the profitability we want to obtain.

In recent years, this type of investment can also be made with robot advisors. Robo advisors are “robot advisors” who are in charge of managing your assets in an automated way according to your investor profile. Do you want to know which investor you are and which plan is right for you? In less than two minutes, you will find out with this test.

Invest in Stocks

The actions es are securities that some companies issue to finance themselves. These owners obtain certain rights, such as receiving dividends if the issuing company decides to distribute them and obtain benefits.

Investing in shares consists of buying these securities to sell them at a higher price later and receive dividends.

Shares typically sell quickly, making this a highly liquid investment. It also has a high potential for profitability in the medium or long term.

However, it has a high risk, as this market is highly volatile and is affected by economic, political, or social factors that influence the price of shares.

Although you do not need to have a lot of capital, you must consider the payment of commissions to a professional for each operation (to assess whether or not a tiny investment is profitable, for example). If you want to do it on your own, to make a correct investment in stocks, it is necessary to know in this field.