types of investment

There are many ways to invest money, and here I leave you my opinion on some others that we could consider alternatives.

I don’t think these options are suitable for almost anyone, but there may be exceptional cases.

At least, they are not to invest most of your money.

Invest in gold

If you want to see my opinion on investing money in gold, you have it here.

In summary, this form of investment does not seem optimal to me, and I consider it much better.

Although it is always said that this is a haven value, investing in gold, you do not get much more than equalize inflation.

Invest in art

As with gold, here is the article I did about art.

The summary is the same as in the previous case.

As I have already said, specific cases can significantly vary the situation.

Someone with a very high knowledge of art could very well invest in art and earn a lot of money, but I do not think that is the case for an ordinary person.

invest money crowdfunding


This type of investment (a form of crowdfunding) has become fashionable, but in my opinion, it is not ideal for most start-up investors.

Of course, it all depends on your investor profile.

Many crowdlending platforms allow you to invest your money in many different ways, but the stock market seems like a much better option.

I honestly do not recommend this type of investment unless it is for a small percentage of your assets.

I invest something in crowdlending, but only a tiny percentage of my portfolio. What I have, I have in Urbanite.

For example, I think they are far riskier investments than a simple index fund, so I advise you to be careful and choose well.


I have already mentioned it to you before, but I want to repeat it because I consider it very important.

Buying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are like going to the casino, and I do not consider it unsafe to invest your money.

Directly, I do not recommend it at all.

It’s very fashionable, partly because Bitcoin is skyrocketing, making it sound like easy money, but it isn’t.
Invest in Bonds

Bonds are debt securities that some companies, governments, and other entities issue to finance themselves. They give the owner the right to receive periodic interest payments, which are fixed in advance and are constant over the life of the bonds.

This investment consists of buying these securities to obtain an income, with periodic payments of interest.

Bonds offer high yield potential but are lower than stocks. Also, here you do not need technical knowledge to invest.

Investing in bonds was considered low risk; however, investors are now on the lead given the latest financial crises. The principal risks of an investment in bonds are interest rate, credit, inflation, and liquidity. In addition, duration provides a measure of the risk linked to changes in the yield of a particular bond: the longer the duration, the greater the risk, and vice versa.

Invest money in binary options

I do not recommend investing money in binary options without knowing. Although it is becoming more popular and seems very simple, you can lose your savings, which happens many times.

This investment mechanism consists of selecting an asset or a currency and betting or predicting whether its price will rise (CALL option) or fall (PUT option). Similar to a bidding system and where speed of management is essential.

In a profitable operation, you can earn between 50 and 80% of profits, a great advantage without a doubt … BUT in the opposite case, you can lose all your investment. This is why this option is a high risk, and where the term is concise, sometimes the operation can last a couple of minutes.

On the Internet, there are many pages to invest in binary options. If you want to invest here, I recommend you select a quality one that is authorized.

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Fixed-term deposits

This option is the most common where to invest money among those who seek security and simplicity.

The operation is simple. The financial institution offers you X profitability in exchange for keeping X amount of money for X time in said bank. You will charge the interest once the term has expired.

If you need the capital, you could withdraw it, but that does not affect the principal after paying the penalty.

It is undoubtedly one of the safest investment options because you know the interest you will receive and the term of said recovery. In addition, you do not need excellent knowledge about finance because the financial institution manages this.