Huawei Watch GT 3

Huawei Watch GT 3

the Huawei Watch GT 3 arrived , an exceptional smartwatch that we went through the analysis to show the degree of satisfaction that the news from the Chinese company has caused us.

A smartwatch with a barometer indicates skin temperature and measures blood oxygen and other values that we are more used to, such as heart rate.
first sensations

The truth is that with everything happening with Huawei, the Chinese company launches some smartwatches that fall in love from the first second.
Huawei Watch GT 3

Firstly, because they have an autonomy that many others would like, and secondly, it is not lacking in the best design, features, and an AMOLED screen with which its spheres look better than other wearable devices.

exercise menu

And it is precisely what many of us are looking for when ​​buying a smartwatch crosses our minds. Indeed, we will not be able to respond to WhatsApp messages with reactions or voice notes, as is the case with Wear OS on the TicWatch E3 or Fossil Gen 6, but ignoring this. Otherwise, the Huawei Watch GT3 is an exceptional wearable device from which you can make calls with an excellent quality of experience.

If we return to the benefits, the Watch GT3 has all kinds of sensors to record all possible data to measure our health like no one else. If we add that it presents it sublimely, with graphs, drawings, and data of all kinds, it is the best smartwatch to quantify our physical state.
health card

It is true that in this sense, it exceeds what we have seen in the analysis of the Galaxy Watch 4 and that Samsung has in this smartwatch with the approval of Google (with its Google Play Services) and Fitbit in that alliance for Wear OS 3.
Huawei Watch GT 3

With all this and it is seven days of autonomy in regular use for the 42 mm model, the Huawei Watch GT 3 provides a magnificent experience so that we forget that we have to be removing it every two times three to charge it; and that we have tried the 42 mm model if we go to the 46 mm we would go to 14 days of autonomy (a beast).

And a point that we do not want to leave aside to emphasize again before moving on to the rest of the analysis is Huawei’s wisdom in knowing that a wearable device of this type needs a better calling experience than the one that can be given by replying with emojis, a keyboard that still fits you in Wear OS 3, or those voice memos. This is where the Watch GT 3 gains a lot from its calls.

Screen: any of its spheres stands out

With this AMOLED screen, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, betting heavily on smartwatches, brings us another smartwatch characterized by its screen, just as we met on the spot with the Huawei Watch 3.

AMOLED on the Huawei Watch GT 3

A dial on a screen of this type can transform a watch’s visual experience and design. In this case, any of the ones that come by default in the GT 3 make us go from a sports-type model, either classic or throwing, to minimalism if we look for a suitable one.
in full light

On the other hand, the spheres can be configured to add widgets, change the style, and more. Each of the available ones is very well designed, and depending on our class, and we can configure the one we like just as we can access the store with hundreds of them.

The experience of the screen can be passed to all the cards to measure our vital signs or the apps that this wearable has, so at all times, we are facing an exceptional watch in this regard.
The best companion for your mobile

In this sense, the Huawei Watch GT 3 suffers from the lack of apps we could install, as it happens with Wear OS, where thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, we can use Google Maps and many other apps like Spotify.

timer app

Here are a few apps we can install through the AppGallery app so that even having Tick Tick (an excellent notes app) has its bugs, and even the strings of the code lines appear. In this regard, Huawei will have to work a lot to install apps on the mobile that we can use as a “companion.” Of course, there are Petal Maps for navigation, recently updated to version 2.0, and thus move from mobile and use the Watch for directions.