Huawei's Kirin A1

All About Huawei’s Kirin A1

Interesting wearable technology ; in fact, it was one of the categories that showed significant growth. Undoubtedly, the Honor Magic Watch 2 is among the proposals worth considering, not only for its features but also for its affordable price.

For those who have already used Huawei-branded smartwatches, the Magic Watch 2 will find a well-known piece of equipment, especially when paired with the Watch GT 2.

Honor’s device, with a 46mm body, also has only two buttons. While the upper one allows you to go to the different functions of the gadget –such as breathing exercises, call log, contacts, music, compass, stopwatch, and alarms–, the lower one leads directly to workouts, such as running outdoors, walking indoors, pool swimming and rowing.

Communication with the cell phone

Like other electronics, the cell phone is linked to the Honor Magic Watch 2 through a mobile application. This is Huawei’s Health app, which offers extra control possibilities that the user will appreciate. Some are described below.

Clock faces. It makes it easy to manage the different spheres in the gadget and add others among a varied offer. Anyone will find the one that best suits their style or the one that fits best in a given situation.
Health monitoring. Allows you to set logs such as sleep monitoring and breathing patterns; alerts when sitting more than 60 minutes; continuous heart rate monitoring; and automatic stress test.
Alarms. To avoid going around the clock so much, one or more alarms can be quickly created from the phone (the smartwatch vibrates and emits sounds of nature at the set time, with good power).
Favorite contacts. Create a list of 10 favorite contacts to call them directly, here, yes, from the smartwatch. The cell phone must be close to the wearable.
Updates. Let's install the latest software updates to ensure the best performance of the Honor Magic Watch 2.

From Health, it is also possible to view the battery percentage of the smartwatch, choose the different notifications you want to receive —from emails to messages from various instant messaging platforms— and reset the device to its factory settings, among other actions.

overall experience

It was impossible to test the Honor Magic Watch 2 outdoors, mainly due to the health restrictions imposed by the health emergency caused by the new coronavirus. The truth is that the device is also a great ally in indoor activities.

No matter how active you want to be on any given day, the watch is ready to provide you with a complete performance report, including average heart rate, duration of physical activity, and calories burned.

Honor Magic Watch 2 screen

In addition to its 15 voice-guided training modes, 13 courses aimed at runners are also noteworthy, such as walking for beginners (22 minutes), easy running (28 minutes), running to burn fat (46 minutes), endurance running aerobic (36 minutes) and running with speed intervals (29 minutes).

In other functions, the Honor Magic Watch 2 lets you answer incoming calls —thanks to its built-in speaker—, control the music playback that occurs on the phone, and perform breathing exercises before going to sleep or at a time when it is needed regain calm, and measure blood oxygen saturation.

The Honor Magic Watch 2 is a solid smartwatch in every word. In addition to its body being made of fine 316L stainless steel, its multiple functions satisfy both the needs of a casual user and those of an experienced swimmer (water resistance up to 50 meters), for example.

Indeed, it is impossible to download more applications —only those integrated from the factory can be executed—but it does not leave the feeling that it is missing any. It highlights the customization that can be achieved with the Health application, as explained above.

Perhaps one or the other will not like its similarity to the Watch GT 2, mainly in what has to do with the internal operation. It would not have been harmful to differentiate it somehow, at least with a different interface.


According to Honor, Huawei’s Kirin A1 chip processes data faster without using as much ta power, which translates into an autonomy of up to two weeks for the Magic Watch 2, which includes it.

It is appreciated not having to recharge the smartwatch every night. In the tests carried out, the team did offer the autonomy promised by the manufacturer on paper.

And when it’s time to dock it, its battery goes from 10 percent to 100 percent in about 77 minutes. In other words, it should be charged to its maximum level to enjoy approximately 14 days of the performance.