Summer is here, and people start to take out their Bluetooth speakers for parties with friends, for the pool, or even when we go camping. We are also looking forward to all those plans, and this time we will wear something more stylish this summer with our loudspeaker. Or should I say lamp? Well, the truth is that the new IKEA has it all, and in this article, we will tell you everything that the new VAPPEBY lamp from the Swedish chain has to offer.

IKEA offers us a product that, in addition to creating an atmosphere with its light, will also be the soul of any party thanks to its built-in Bluetooth speaker. And it does everything through a very particular design. Under these lines, we leave you with its technical specifications.

Spotify Tap, we don’t worry about the phone.

As mentioned, the speaker has Bluetooth to connect our mobile phones and play music. However, its main attraction is the addition of Spotify Tap, a system in which, with the push of a button, the speaker will start playing music through the streaming service. This means that once connected to our mobile device, and we will no longer have to interact with it to listen to music through this speaker since the physical button on it will do it for us.

Spotify Tap plays music based on our tastes. However, pressing again will play a different song if we don’t like the song. It is an excellent addition for those moments in which we want to have something in the background and not worry about the phone. Of course, some mobile devices may require prior configuration from the Spotify app.

As for physical ports, the lamp only has a USB-C port to charge it. This is located in the base itself, somewhat hidden, but done on purpose to protect the port from the outside and facilitate the entry of the cable through its guides.

Decent sound, emphasizing bass and treble

The arrangement of its speaker and the central cone makes it produce a relatively decent 360-degree sound for the price at which it is for sale. IKEA has chosen to increase the low and high frequencies in its VAPEBBY lamp. This partly masks its somewhat flat and lacking detail sound, but overall it works pretty well in this regard.

During the test, we played all kinds of genres, and although it performs its function as expected, there is some inconsistency when it comes to playing depending on which songs. In songs with more balanced frequencies, the sound can be lacking in clarity, although it captures a fairly solid bass, and in high frequencies, it does not perform poorly either.

Let us remember that the IKEA VAPPEBY is not designed for a professional sound but rather stands out for its versatility between a portable lamp and a Bluetooth speaker, being a way to create the perfect atmosphere while we are chatting with our friends in the garden, or enjoying a magnificent summer night with the dim light radiating from the said lamp.
More than enough autonomy

IKEA has done a great job with this speaker in terms of autonomy. And is that the product can last us up to approximately 13 hours with the light intensity at 50%. In our tests, we have had a pleasant experience with the speaker since, depending on the use, we can spend several days without needing to charge it.

The lamp has an internal 3,300 mAh battery, more than enough for everyday use. The only negative point is that the current transformer is not included, only the charging cable.

The VAPPEBY loudspeaker lamp is a product that will create the best atmosphere for our parties, both at home and outdoors, being in the latter case where its benefits are most used.

Separately, its features are not too surprising. Still, the fact that it has a lamp, a Bluetooth speaker, 360 sound, Spotify Tap, and even rain resistance in just one product make it a more than a convenient device for those occasions when those who want to create the perfect atmosphere. While the sound quality isn’t masterful, it works as expected.

I’m not going to lie to you; every time I see the silhouette of this lamp, I am reminded of Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper. Indeed its design forms a particular disparity of opinions. Initially, I did not find it very attractive, but I got used to it, especially with the light on. This design has its explanation since it has IP65 certification, which makes this lamp immune to rain and dust. Its lights are located right at the bottom of its ‘helmet,’ and given the location of these lights, it’s not a lamp. To illuminate everything in its path, but a way to create some atmosphere while we play our favorite music.

The lamp has two lighting intensities, and it is not possible to change color, so we will have to stay with a warm color temperature. In this sense, it is pretty limited since I think the possibility of including RGB LEDs and offering complete lighting has been wasted. It also does not have a dimmer that modifies the intensity. We only have a button on the back to turn off the light or turn it on in up to two powers.

In addition to the light, the lamp also has other buttons dedicated to the speaker and Bluetooth connectivity. In the central part, we have a multifunction wheel that helps us to modify the volume, pause or continue playback, or activate the music through the Spotify Tap function. On both sides of this button, we have the Power button and another dedicated to connecting the speaker to a device via Bluetooth.

If we look at the central part of the speaker, we find a kind of cone just below the lights. This cone redirects the sound outwards since the speaker is located inside the helmet. Also, if we want to put the handle on it and place it through the screws, we must insert it on both sides of the speaker. The device also has a non-slip platform on its base to facilitate grip on surfaces.