All About Xiaomi 11T cameras

All About Xiaomi 11T cameras

We analyzed the Xiaomi 11T Pro to let ourselves be fooled by its almost magical ultra-fast charging of 120 W. In the Xiaomi 11T that we went through the analysis, we moved away a bit in the charging of its older brother to continue having the same 108 Mpx primary camera.

For this reason, we are facing an Android phone that is loved mainly for its set of elements so that the primary sensor of the triple camera module stands out.

Design: in a neutral point

We start with its design, which is one of the minor positive points of the Xiaomi 11T. Although it stands out, the correct camera module is on all its sides, and some bezels surround the front screen so that at least we do not make a mistake when pressing it on the sides.
This is how it looks from the back.

The back, apart from that camera module, is characterized by its brightness and that striped texture that, when the light reflects well on it, we can say that it is even quite beautiful.

In any case, as seen in the photos accompanying this analysis, it is a mobile that is left wanting in the design.

Your screen: AMOLED compliant

It is one of the elements to highlight of this phone thanks to its AMOLED panel and that refresh rate that makes everything very fluid. In a mobile like Xiaomi’s, with its personalized MIUI layer, the animations look perfectly to emphasize the user experience it gives.

We have already commented on the refresh rate with its 120 Hz so that the animations of the MIUI layer are very fluid, and we can enjoy this experience that we see more and more on Android phones. Especially in those of the upper mid-range like this Xiaomi 11T.

Performance: Excellent

In these terms, we have to go to some of the juiciest Android phones of the year that have also had the Mediatek Dimensity 1200-Ultra chip. There is the same realme GT Neo with this SoC or the Redmi K40 Game Edition with which we open the door to gaming that is currently so fashionable from an Android phone like the Xiaomi 11T.

In the terminal provided by Xiaomi, we are facing 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The right thing today for an Android mobile, although if it had 256 GB, it would improve the experience a little more.

One of its highlights is how well the MIUI layer moves on this Android phone. With an awesome wallpaper and activate the refresh rate of 120 Hz, at certain times, we will be enthralled by the animations that occur on the screen. Without any slowdown.
Photography: with lights and shadows

It must be said that the camera app’s viewfinder sometimes has a pull over another. To our surprise, at a general level, the photograph of the Xiaomi 11T reflects reality quite a bit. At least the color tones show them realistically in low-light situations.

The dynamic range in photos is presented in a balanced way even when shooting with a single point of light, as with some nocturnal ones.

Yes, it should be mentioned that photography from the Xiaomi 11T has lights and shadows. The whole light leaves beautiful captures as we show in the photo gallery. However, something different happens with those moments when there is little light due to the lack of sharpness in some photos.

Xiaomi 11T cameras

Of course, Xiaomi plays its cards quite well here with a 108 Mpx primary sensor and f/1.75 aperture since this lack of sharpness is visible when we look at the photos from a PC or a larger screen. From the mobile, we will hardly notice anything.

We recommend using the 108M mode for low-light or night photography to ensure the photo is as good as possible. The 8 Mpx wide angle with f / 2.2 aperture is not in a good place in these circumstances, and the zoom mode in night photos almost speaks for itself; better, we leave it in whole light for the images.

The fence module

Still with its lights and shadows, and always from the perspective that most of these photos look much better from a mobile or tablet, the 11T makes some quite striking night scenes with reflections, shadows, and some points of light.

Its negative aspects are the lens flare when a powerful light source takes too much prominence in the scene and zoom that is better to go beyond it for night photos.
Autonomy: the best or With a simply excellent ultrafast charge, the 5,000 mAh seems to be in the background, but it is not, since they will allow us to forget to charge our phone throughout the day.