Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X

Microsoft wants us not to burden our backs with laptops when we travel. Proposal? A good-sized tablet and a keyboard that slides on and off when you need it. On. And nothing else, so if you want to use headphones or earphones, you will need an adapter cable.

The screen opts for a resolution of 2,880 x 1,920, which is decent, but for its price, it could well offer 4K to enjoy movies and series compatible with this technology. It shows quality without reaching the color vividness of the AMOLED phones or the OLED of some laptops and televisions. The bezel on the top houses the 5-megapixel camera that records video in Full HD 1080p and ensures video calls and online meetings with a clear image. In sound, it does not disappoint either, as we have verified using Microsoft Teams. Next to it, it brings the Windows Hello authentication camera that works super fast. The 10-megapixel rear camera records a 4K video and has autofocus. With the 2W stereo speakers with Dolby Audio on the front, the music comes straight to your ear, and you can expect good sound even if you turn the volume up.

The keyboard, lined with Alcantara fabric, is designed to house the pencil in its compartment magnetically. When you close it, it covers the screen and acts as a protective case. It also fits the Surface Pro X with the magnet system and is effortless action. It feels incredibly soft to the touch; it is enjoyable, especially the keys and the touchpad, both elements of the same rubber material. I find the keys a bit stiff when pressing them to type. That’s why I wouldn’t use it as my daily work tool. Of course, it seems perfect to me to use it on trips, especially if you don’t need to make intensive use like me. A detail that favors its use is that the keyboard can be raised slightly, so it is somewhat inclined, and the Surface Slim Pen is hidden and protected. This equipment will likely be more than enough for most users who need to work on the move. That is the goal pursued with Surface Pro X, which has been updated with a more advanced processor and a new color, among other new features. Aimed at professional use and at the same time perfect for leisure time, what we like least about this device – we anticipate it – is its high price.

With autonomy for the entire working day

Microsoft has equipped this tablet with the powerful Microsoft SQ 2 processor from ARM, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm. With this update, the device gains performance and offers more autonomy than the previous one. Also, Microsoft has already released the update with x64 app emulation on Windows 10 ARM (until now, it was only compatible with x86 32-bit apps, preventing compatibility with some apps).
surface pro x

In RAM, it is at the height of high-end 13-inch laptops, with 16 GB. In storage space, however, it does not point to the top and stays at 512 GB, which is not negligible, but the iPad Pro does offer the option of 1 TB.

In autonomy, it gives you the whole working day and more: playing video continuously—with the screen brightness at half, the volume at 10, and the “Best performance” configuration—it exceeds nine hours. This is a lot of work or leisure time.

The device charges very quickly. It fills half the battery in half an hour and 75 percent in fifty minutes. In an hour and a half, you have it at 99 percent. Based on my tests, getting to 100 percent takes half an hour longer, maybe because it was on while charging.

The included cable for charging attaches magnetically, and it’s nice if you trip over the line that it quickly disconnects rather than the tablet falling to the ground if you have it charging on a table. A white light built into the head of this cable indicates that the Surface Pro X is demanding, but it doesn’t turn off or change color when it reaches 100 percent, which would be handy for knowing when it’s done. The power adapter size does not take up too much in a bag.

Surface Pro X 2020 brings many advantages in weight and manageability, qualities beneficial for mobile professionals. At the same time, it has some shortcomings, such as connectivity with 5G and Wi-Fi 6. Although it is true that in December 2020, both technologies are still in their infancy, for what it is worth and the time they can last due to their construction quality. Buying a device without them will not allow you to take full advantage of them when they are adopted massively. Still, these absences won’t be a problem for most users.

The price of the analyzed unit is 2,049 euros, and it seems excessively high for what it is, a super powerful and light tablet with a practical base. An amount to which you must add two more, that of the Surface Pro X Keyboard (149.99 euros) and that of the Slim Pen (159.99 euros) if you need them. For this money, the experience is excellent, but in practice, the difference is not that big compared to much less expensive ones. It may not be worth spending so much if you only want it to navigate, use Word and Excel…, write emails, and watch content from streaming platforms when you travel.

You will not even know that you carry it in your backpack !

Surface Pro X retains the design and size of the previous version, 13 inches. The novelty in appearance comes with a new silver color more attractive than the black of its predecessor. The entire back, including the base that occupies half of it, is made of anodized aluminum, an elegant material and, even better, resistant and light. With dimensions of 287mm × 208mm × 7.3mm, the device weighs only 774 grams (without a keyboard) and feels very light, which is greatly appreciated. If you add the keyboard, it weighs a little more and is still soft and very manageable. This accessory (optional) also releases colors blue, red, and platinum (the latter is the one in the review).

In connections, you find just enough: two UBC-C on the left side, just below the volume up and down button. On the left, the port to charge it through a magnetic system, and the bot