Xiaomi Redmi Watch Lite 2

Xiaomi Redmi Watch Lite 2

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is characterized by that square format with plastic finishes so that it stands out on its own when we have it on our wrist.

There is a single button on the side to turn on the screen and go to the app drawer for a smartwatch with quite correct bezels.

In general terms, it is a concise watch in everything that also gives it the adjective of being simple, which it openly fulfills for the daily necessities of sports practices, notifications, and more; we are also paying for not exceeding 60 euros.

Screen: IPS to meet needs

We miss that AMOLED panel that is usually almost essential for a watch that has its importance, but in this case, and to reduce costs; the panel is IPS. In any case, with its 1.55 “and resolution of 320 x 360 pixels, the experience it leaves is quite good.
IPS LCD screen for Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite

It may be that if we come from a smartwatch with an AMOLED panel, it takes us a while until we get used to it, but the truth is that it looks pretty good in different situations where even direct sunlight appears on its screen.

Unlike other smartwatches or Wear OS, here, we will not be able to respond to WhatsApp or Telegram messages, so this Redmi Watch 2 Lite is used to receive notifications and pick up the phone if we are interested.

WhatsApp notifications

In this case, it works pretty well so that through Bluetooth, it allows us to deal with those notifications and thus leave aside the ones that do not interest us when looking at our wrist and go to the mobile for the ones that matter to us.
The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite apps

The same thing happens with the calls that we receive only the vibration but cannot answer in any way. Yes, we can activate the contact information to be seen when we have a call.
The app to shoot screenshots with your phone

Then you have another exciting option to use the clock as a camera shutter. We have tested our Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and it works very well.

Xiaomi’s custom layer

The curious thing about the Xiaomi Redmi Watch 2 Lite is its interface, so the gestures are changed if we compare it with other custom layers. We access the quick accesses with a move up, while to the notifications, it is done just the other way around.

The truth is that when we move through the settings, it is not entirely smooth, and there is a bit of slowdown, so in this case, the experience is a bit cloudy.
Redmi Watch 2 Lite

From the app drawer, we have access to find my phone, all those related to sensors, one for breathing, stopwatch, timer, and even music, so that they all have a well-executed interface that allows an easy and intuitive experience at levels generals.

Although we are dealing with a smartwatch without an AMOLED panel, the watch faces that it has by default, plus all those that can be installed from a store with an extensive catalog of them, are ideal for customizing even the very design of the watch that can be a dress with a more classic sphere, a sports one or a sleeve type.

Xiaomi’s custom layer differentiates it from Wear OS 3, which could presumably be the layer to use, but the Chinese brand wants to go its way, just as it has done with MIUI on its smartphones.

Battery: more than two and a half days

Without activating calls, notifications, and apps in the background, it spends 1% at rest without being used for sports activities or other tasks.

If we activate the monitoring of heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, or stress, it will cause autonomy to suffer so that the days of independence are reduced.

We have left it by default with active calls and notifications for two or three apps (Telegram and WhatsApp) and heart rate monitoring every 30 minutes at the same time as sleep, two vital options for a device of this type.

96% battery on the first day to go to 77% battery on the next. This indicates that if we want a smartwatch that measures those essential vital states, let’s forget about charging it for a few days.

If we want to record sports activity and receive notifications, the autonomy increases considerably so that we almost forget to charge it for more than a week or two. It always depends on the use we give it.