Huawei Watch GT 2

Huawei Watch GT 2

The collaboration between Huawei and Porsche Design goes back a long way, both in the Mate phone series – whose latest creature is the Huawei Mate 40 RS Porsche Design – and in smartwatches, with the Watch GT 2 Porsche Design, a device with the essentials of the GT 2 Pro that we analyze in this review, but with the luxury design that has everything that Porsche Design touches. Like other products inspired by the cars of the German manufacturer, it is an exclusive model, with refinement as its top attraction.

Pure titanium: as elegant as it is resistant

If the GT 2 Pro already felt like a premium watch, it is raised to the nth power. A first glance is enough to realize this is a device of supreme quality. The great architect of this attraction? The pure titanium of the case and strap gives it a super-sleek matte silver color. This is the main difference from the standard version of the Huawei watch.

You have to adjust the strap size as soon as you take it out of the box. It is a simple process; it is not necessary to take it to a watchmaker to adapt it to the dimensions of the wrist. Each link has an independent anchoring system, which makes this step much more manageable. This strap is very soft. Once adjusted, it is very comfortable; it is fastened and unfastened without problems with a classic buckle. Of course, you must ensure that the click sounds when you close it. Otherwise, the strap can come off without you realizing it (in my case, with luck because when wearing the sweater, it has not come off the wrist, with the danger of what this means). So that you can change the strap according to your needs or tastes, the box includes a very soft black rubber strap that gives it a more casual look and is also very attractive in contrast to the silver tone.

Titanium feels solid and light. It has not weighed me down on the wrist despite its large size. The watch is finished with ceramic on the back, just like the GT 2 Pro, an anti-allergy material intended to prevent skin irritation.

The touch screen with AMOLED technology maintains the 1.39 inches and the sapphire glass (scratch and scratch proof) usual in conventional watches. It is another of the significant assets of this device: with this size, everything is shown in a big way, and with a very pleasant vividness of colors. At the same time, it responds very quickly to finger movements. To activate the screen and scroll through the different functions, it also has two physical buttons, the same buttons as the Pro model, only in this case adorned with a subtle red stripe. Other minor differences are the Porsche Design letters printed on top of the case and the hour markers (without numbers and the quarters and a half with a red triangle).

As a watch designed by Porsche Design, among the faces available for charging, it comes with five specific to the automaker (simple, minimalist, race, extreme, and clock). All mix black, red, white, and gray tones, in conjunction with the external aesthetics of the device.

When I first saw it, the word that came to mind was “wow.” It was a crush: you fell in love with its refined, modern, and minimalist aesthetic. It looks and feels luxurious as an exclusive product commands. These features translate into a high price —more than double the Pro version—. Although it is a considerable amount not suitable for all pockets, at least it is much cheaper than classic luxury watches.

I also like it a lot because it is a specific device to use, with the main menu presented as a list, two buttons on the right, and a pleasant touch screen. Adding one of the best autonomies on the market, you forget to charge it for many days with average use.

In my experience with the Huawei Watch GT 2 Porsche Design, the strap closure has fulfilled its mission without problems. However, in the first days, I found it was open when I thought it was closed properly. It didn’t come off my wrist, but I’ve found that if you don’t make sure you tighten it up so it’s latched on (it clicks), you can get a scare if you drop it on the floor.