Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Review

Samsung is not by chance the most extensive mobile manufacturer in the world. The strategy of creating and selling its mobiles is very calculated, although there are times when we do not understand what the company is looking for very well. The FE models have been with us for a couple of years, being terminals designed for those who want a high-end but cannot pay what is asked of them. the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was a round proposal, considering what it offered and its cost. Plus, it came out around the middle of the year, which makes sense given that the S20s came out .

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE that we are analyzing today should have come out at the end of the summer of last year to accompany the folding Samsung Galaxy that gives such good results in sales. However, it has ended up being delayed so much that it almost sneaks into the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

There are no Exynos here, only Snapdragon

Samsung is one of the few brands that can manufacture its processors. It is speculated that the S22 will have the Exynos 2200, although there is still no official confirmation at the time of publishing this analysis.

This S21 FE does not use a Samsung processor in any market, opting for the Snapdragon 888, which until recently was the best chipset from the American company.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The performance of this phone is more than reasonable, being able to carry out any operation. However, there is a specific difference between the S21 Ultra and other much higher-priced mobiles.

It may be because the RAM is 8 GB; there are no options with a more significant amount. The same does not happen with the internal memory since we can choose between 128 or 256 GB.

Of course, as in any recent high-end, we do not have an FM radio, a headphone jack, or a micro SD slot. We have a double speaker that falls slightly short and NFC, in addition to Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5…
A screen that falls in love
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

One of the sections that we liked the most about this Galaxy S21 FE is its screen. It is a 6.4-inch panel with FHD resolution and OLED technology, which houses the fingerprint sensor under it.

The quality of the screen is superb, and the HDR10 + allows you to watch videos with first-rate colors and dynamic range.

In this price range, there are also no models with higher resolution, which makes the S21 FE one of the best in this section.

How could it be otherwise? Samsung has implemented an adjustable refresh rate system, which allows us to leave the 60 Hz one that saves some battery or use the 120 Hz, which in this chaos does not use an LTPO panel.

Good cameras, with a slight complaint in the zoom
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Cameras are one of the main reasons why mobile buyers opt for high-end models. They are the ones that use the best optics and sensors, and it shows.

Samsung has not fallen short in this Galaxy S21 FE, giving us the three rear cameras we all want, in addition to a front one with a more than decent resolution.

The front one has 32 Mpx, and the quality, as shown in the gallery, is correct. Of course, when it comes to recording video, it falls behind what the cameras of the other S21 did.

Lowering the bar in design
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

If we quickly compare an S21 and an S21 FE, we can think that they are the same on the outside. If we take a closer look, we will see that the 2022 model opts for the rear with a much less premium finish, leaving the camera module without integration with the perimeter metal frame.

On the hand, the quality of the terminal is not poor, it feels good, and its weight is controlled, despite not having a small battery. It is in comparison with other models where we can see some seams.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Of course, given that the vast majority of people will use it with a cover, this is not a reason to rule it out, although we will begin to ask Samsung to improve the finishes of its terminals, at least in those that cost more than 500 euros.

Significant autonomy, with a typical fast charge

Samsung has never been known for offering top-notch fast charging. The problems with the Note 7 may have made it very careful to take risks e, but it also allows its rivals to take the lead.

This particular model allows you to charge by cable at 25 W and wirelessly at 15 W. The one that already has wireless charging seems to be a success, although it is one of the fastest on the market.

We have done several tests with similar uses, using the mobile as GPS, some calls, several photos and videos, and game time in HearthStone or Honkai Impact Third. With the refresh rate at 120 Hz, we have achieved these figures:

 Twenty-four hours of autonomy with 5 hours of screen on.
 Twenty-one hours of freedom with 5 hours of screen on.

With the rate at 60 Hz, these others:

 Thirty-four hours of autonomy with 5 hours of screen on.
 Thirty-three hours of freedom with 6 hours of screen on.

Finally, note that there is no charger in the box, which is already common in Samsung mobiles but further penalizes the price chosen for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.