Wiko View 2 Plus

Wiko View 2 Plus

How could it be otherwise? This Wiko View 2 Plus has the latest operating system update: Android 8.1 Oreo global and multilanguage. That is, it has automatic updates via OTA and with endless languages.

On the other hand, it also has an application drawer to have all the applications arranged alphabetically.

As it is an official ROM with Stock Android (even though it has a launcher that slightly modifies the appearance of the phone), it has all Google services. They include the applications Youtube, Gmail, Maps.

Also included are applications such as Radio Fm without the need for the internet, Calculator, an app to download wallpapers, and something that has caught my attention and that I have discovered by mistake (activating it by simultaneously pressing the volume down and volume up buttons), has been the Talkback app. This application makes us a box on the button that we have pressed and can serve as a confirmation and visual guide to navigating more easily.

In addition, it has facial recognition to unlock it with our face (something beneficial, from my point of view).

Power and Hardware

In the first place, and to get an idea of ​​how powerful this mobile is, I have subjected it to the AnTuTu version 7 Benchmarking test, obtaining a value of 70,643 points. This data has been received with the phone empty and with half a load, indicating that it is a mid-low range phone in terms of performance.

The hardware has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 8-core processor that works at 1.8 GHz speed. It is a 64-bit processor with an ARM Cortex A53 structure. In addition, it has 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM and a Qualcomm Adreno 506 GPU graphics card.

This version has 64 GB of internal memory, which is becoming more critical as applications take up more and more. If we consider what the operating system occupies and the apps installed by default, we are left with 52.61 GB. If that doesn’t seem like much, you can add a MicroSD memory card of up to 256GB.

Also, I must remember that with the Google Photos™ application, we can have unlimited storage for photos (in high quality) and 1080p videos.

And to check the writing and read speed of the memory, we have subjected it to a test that indicates that the reading speed is 196.63 MB/s and the writing speed is 209.44 MB/s.

As data, I must comment that this Wiko View 2 Plus does not have the WidevineL1 security certificate (it usually happens in phones of Chinese origin), so we will not be able to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO in Full HD. (This certificate does not affect YouTube).

After using this mobile for a little over a week, I have to say that I have not had any problems with it. It behaves well when browsing the internet, using messaging apps (Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger), or even with social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

At the time of playing, I have not noticed much “lag” / delay or excessive heating. Perhaps when loading the heaviest games, the times were a bit longer than usual, but this has not prevented me from playing PUGB.

After doing the test to play for 30 minutes, the phone warmed up quite a bit, going from 27.5ºC to 38.6ºC on the back of the phone, and from 25.7ºC to 38.2ºC on the processor.

The sound is heard clearly (with hardly any distortion), reaching a maximum of 78dbs with the flame tone.

Design and Screen

The design is not surprising. The phone stands out for having a notch similar to the iPhone (the eyebrow above the screen to incorporate the selfie camera).

It is a unibody terminal with a fixed chassis whose cover cannot be removed to access the battery. It has rounded edges to make it more attractive and easier to hold. Their Measurements are 73.2 mm wide, 153.4 mm long, and 8.6 mm thick, which makes the weight 161 grams. To my taste, it fits very well in hand and is very comfortable due to its low weight.

The diagonal of the screen is 5.93″ with an IPS LCD panel and a usable area of ​​71%. The resolution is 720 x 1512 pixels (HD+), with a density of 282 pixels per inch, differentiable to less than 40 cm, and the screen’s aspect ratio is 19:9. The glass is 2.5D rounded, and I would recommend putting a tempered glass on it to protect it from scratches and falls.

As for the colors of the screen, they are bright and very eye-catching. However, it may be necessary to strain your eyes a little on a sunny day to see it well.

On the back, we find a shiny plastic finish that looks perfect (although finger marks are elementary). On the left side is the dual camera vertically and just below the flash (very similar to the design of the iPhone). In the center is the fingerprint sensor that works very well and unlocks practically instantly. In the lower part of this rear part, there is the speaker. (This is getting more difficult to see, but for my taste, it is a success since when grabbing it, it is more difficult to block the output of the sound).

On the right side, and as in almost all Chinese mobiles, we find the volume up and down buttons, and below is the on and off switch. On the left side, we have the nano SIM card slot. In this case, you can add two nano SIM cards and, on the other hand, a micro SD memory card.

The micro USB 2.0 cable slot is in the lower right area, and in the upper part, we have the 3.5mm connector and Jack for headphones.

The buttons on the front (Home, Back, Recent Apps) will appear on the screen when we need them.